frequently asked questions

Are your attractions open if it rains?

Yes! We are open rain or full moon. The guided tours and Kids activities will be under one of our pavilion tents.


What is the cost?

The “Guided Haunted Tour” ticket price is $15 per person. The “Lights On” is $5 per child. Parents are free with a child! There is no charge to enter the open courtyard area with food, bar and vendors.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, credit cards are welcome.


What is the best way to buy tickets?

Tickets are only available at the door as you enter each area during the event hours. Tickets are valid only on the evening they are purchased.


Do you offer refunds?

No, refunds are not available.


How scary is the Haunted Shipyard? Are there any age restrictions?

The Haunted Shipyard is a family friendly event with a separate “lights on “ area for younger children and an open courtyard with food and beverages for all ages. However, the “Guided Haunted Tour” is meant to frighten! The decision to enter is up to you... at your own risk. We ask that parents make this decision for children as they know their children best.


How is the Haunted Shipyard different from other Halloween Haunts?

Aside from its prime Newport location, the Haunted Shipyard is based on a story, not just random gore. Guests do not walk through alone, but instead stay in groups and are taken through by a guide as he tells the tale of the terrible hauntings that have plagued the pier. It is live, interactive theatre rather than mere static displays.


Are the characters allowed to touch you?

Don’t touch them and they won’t touch you!


Are there strobe lights?

Yes, there are strobe lights and effects to add to the feel of the shipyard.


How long does it take?

The guided tours may be 15-20 minutes from beginning to end. This does not include any wait time to purchase your tickets.


Do you serve food and drinks?

Yes, the open courtyard has vendors serving a variety of food and drinks. A full bar and seasonal drinks are also available with proper ID.


Are there restrooms and parking?

Yes, there are restrooms on site. Due to our downtown location, parking is limited. There are many paid parking lots within walking distance as well as some metered parking spaces and a few free street parking places. Just beware of posted parking restrictions.


Is there security?

Yes, there is security on the premises.


Are you wheelchair accessible?



Can I go in if I'm pregnant or have other medical issues that may cause harm if I am frightened?

Entering the Haunted Shipyard is entirely at your own risk. Please read this warning before entering The Haunted Tour of Pier 23


Can I wear my Halloween costume when I visit?

Yes! We encourage everyone to have fun and be in costume. We only ask that, for your safety, you refrain from wearing masks on the Haunted Tour of Pier 23, due to the dim lighting conditions.


Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is allowed ONLY in the open air courtyard.


Can we take flash photos of the Haunted Shipyard?

Flash photography is permitted in The Spooky Wharf and the Courtyard areas ONLY.


Are there any prohibited items?

Flashlights, weapons, lighters, food and drink are all prohibited. We also ask that, for your safety, you refrain from wearing masks on the Haunted Tour of Pier 23, due to the dim lighting conditions.


Are pets welcome at the Haunted Shipyard?

We love those furry friends but unless they are certified assistance animals we unfortunately cannot allow them inside the event.


Is there an age limit for The Armory?

No, there is no age restriction.