history of the shipyard

For many years the shipyard ran as a productive stronghold in town; towering masts were rigged and massive sails were sewn, welding sparks flew from dawn to dusk while the piers were full of vessels, teeming with busy dockhands, fishermen and shanty songs. It was a high-spirited, bustling waterfront, full of charge and character. But then, on a particularly cold and foggy eve, a derelict ship drifted in, silent and secretive, rusted, frayed and tangled. It came alone- barren of a crew, dark and lifeless, as if only the cold of its steel frame was left, housing the constant chill of a lurking evil. It’s from that time on, so it’s told, that the light of day turned dark and the devil himself seeped in.


With the arrival of the ship, things began to happen across the docks, freak accidents and strange doings- a hanging, disappearances and the nightly screams of men losing their minds. The smart ones left right away. Packed up their sea bags and their tools, and never looked back, for they had heard tales of a cursed ghost ship recounted by ragged sailors passing through. They had seen enough to know that the haunting had just begun. For those who stayed, stubborn or stupid, we will never know. As each evening turned into night, the shipyard seemed to swallow men whole. Screams rang out, curdling blood as death warmed over the docks. Dark red stains began to pool on the concrete; crazed workers staggered about the buildings, sin in their eyes, their mouths frothing and spewing nonsense. The vile smells began to rise and hover like a polluted cloud of decay, oil and soot. In time no one left the shipyard anymore, and no one ever dared to go in. The gates were sealed shut, tied with chains and the miserable souls were locked inside, left to rot alive.


It’s been a few years now. The ranting has faded into the darkness and the putrid air has drifted on. The new townspeople who don’t believe in such tales are eager to take back the shipyard and revive it once more. But they are unaware of what may still linger in amongst the buildings, what wickedness may be unleashed. They don’t listen to those few who remember the heinous days of the curse, but still, the gates are about to be opened, and the real stories to be told…