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The Haunted Guided Tours of Pier 23

Visit the remains of a cursed and abandoned shipyard, long condemned and forgotten, its gates locked and chained to keep outsiders out... and the insiders in. Meet the tortured souls who were left imprisoned for eternity in this interactive, theatre-style guided tour. A former dockhand reluctantly shows the way while describing the horrid stories of how the shipyard and its workers sank into the deep grasp of evil. Please read this warning before entering Pier 23.


The Spooky Wharf

Howling Halloween fun, recommended for ages 10 and under. Tame the flames of the Dragon's Breath, stir up something sinister in the Witch's Cauldron, tangle with the terrors of Heebie Jeebie's Spider Cave, or test the turbulent waters on the Stormy Seas Bumper Boats! Creepy crawlies, maritime monsters and goodie bags abound at this "lights-on" tent of frightful fun for the wee ones! Activities in the Spooky Wharf include:




Trick or Treat

Every great haunt has its tricks and treats! Start your journey by filling your Halloween sack at the Shipyard.

The Dragon's Breath

Dare to face the dreaded beast? Reach inside the Dragon’s heated jaws and retrieve a bone from his last meal. Find the “wish” bone to take home a prize, or risk getting burned!


The Witch's Brew

Curdle, bubble, a heathen’s stew, the number’s a secret she keeps from you! Choose a pumpkin from the wicked witch’s cauldron. Only the fortunate few who avoid the curse take home a prize!

The Alligator Pond

Test your lucky lure and fish a prize from the alligator’s mouth. Hold steady and don’t tickle his tongue, or SNAP! Your luck will run out!

Hidden Treasures

Visit the sands where pirate ghosts lurk and precious items have been left behind. Comb the beach for the sunken treasures of vessels lost long ago…


Monster Mask

Let your imagination roar! Unleash a monster of your own making by creating your own “spooktactular” mask. Be sure to take it home for some extra Halloween shrills!

Heebie Jeebie's

The Tunnels of Heebie Jeebie. The light is dim at the end of these dark tunnels so don’t get lost! Explore a nest full of arachnid creepy crawlies and keep a look out for the largest one... He’s got eight eyes on you!

Stormy Seas

Batten down the hatches as the waters begin to stir on this childhood favorite: bump-in-the-night bumper boats!

$2.00 per ride










The Armory

The battle of Good vs. Evil rages on in the darkness of the docks at the Great Zombie Shoot, presented by Rhode Island Paintball! Mark your target as wicked demons, ghoulish banshees and mischievous monsters wreak havoc from the shadows of this dismal place. Your careful aim determines who will be left standing and who will fall--one pop, splat and squish at a time! .